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Saturday, April 16, 2005


Nov 5-Wylde Chipmunck & the Cuddley-Poohs at Mike's Tavern (8pm--w/Honeywagen, The Gaslights, His Last Chance, Switchhitter)

Nov 23-28-**Trip to London--NO GIGS**

Unless noted, all show are in or around beee-yeautiful Kansas City. For more info on all these bands, click here.


Friday, April 15, 2005

Thursday May 12, 2005:

Ostium Sonus Margarita

A multimedia event featuring improvised music and video projections. A portion of the proceeds will go toward the restoration and shipment of a guitar to a music student in Uganda.

Sam Hughes
Mike Meyers
Michael Stover

Nate Bogert

Thursday May 12 8PM
Audible Surgery
1524 St.Louis Av
KCMO (West Bottoms)
Directions: From I-35, exit 12th St. Go west across the 12th St bridge, past the Kemper/Am.Royal entrance. Go up a 2nd viaduct which will curve to the right, turn right at the first stop light (Central Av). Go appr. 1 mile east on Central, turn right on Hickory St., then make another right at St.Louis. Audible Surgery is the first two-story building on your right (it says "H & H Bag Company" on the front).


Monday, April 11, 2005

Mark Stevenson has dissolved the Snakebite Orphans. He has decided to pursue other projects. The "Jessie Howard Project"(a recording of songs inspired by the paintings of artist Jesse Howard) will go on as scheduled, with me playing acoustic bass on part or all of it. 'twas a fun ride. Playing with Mark, Marco and Mike was a blast. Onward and upward...

Confirming a couple improv dates in Chicago, should have them locked down this week.

The Cuddly-Poos will be recording with Mike Penner of Honeywagen, hopefully in the early summer. We'll also be coming out of self-imposed exile for a gig at Nation Al's Surplus in Riverside, possibly the most ridiculous surplus store on the planet.

Also coming up: a quasi-Wyco Lowriders reunion...we'll be performing one of Johnny Hamil's tunes ("Jackie O. vs Larry Flynt"--it's been performed by the Lowriders and Mr.Marco's V7) for local filmmaker Gary Huggins's new short, First Date. We'll record a Lowrider-esque version and a Muzak-y, Herb Alpert-esque version for a supermarket scene.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

There's a hell of a lot more personal stuff on my calendar than gigs these days. Everything is going according to plans [rubs hands together]...wedding plans and vacations have supplanted gig after gig after gig. The good life...

The Snakebite Orphans will be in the studio alot this year, recording both a special EP of songs inspired by folk artist Jesse Howard and our 2nd full-length CD. The rough schedule is April for the EP(recording here in KC) and September for the album(recording at Paul Malinowski's studio in Illinois).

I've been spending alot of time at home working on the top-secret "Clemfinger" project. This will be the first CD of my own composed music for guitar, as opposed to the improvised freak-out CD's I've released before. Right now I'm composing and demo-ing the music at home using a drum machine and one of those POD guitar thingys. It'll probably be the end of the year before I'm ready to take this into a proper studio, what with wedding stuff and Snakebite stuff and all...

I'm not sure exactly what I'll have at the "WHOOPAss" music-wise--maybe my bands, definitely my friends' bands. I'll post a schedule when I figure it all out.

That's about it.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

On Saturday Jan 22, Wylde Chipmunck & the Cuddly-Poos will be the halftime entertainment for the Kansas City Roller Warriors season opener/expo bout. My dream of performing at a skating rink has been fulfilled. Come watch cute girls fall on their butts and hear KC's premier prog-rock/roller-rink organ trio.

My other dream of performing in a Jimmy Buffet-themed restaurant may come true as well, as there are talks of an upcoming Orphans gig at the newly-opened Cheeseburger in Paradise. I'm sure our garage-swamp-boogie-field hollers will go over famously among the Kansas Speedway/Nebraska Furniture Mart crowd out in the West Village....

Friday, November 05, 2004

Well, I quit Forrest Whitlow's band. It was a VERY hard decision to make, but I've decided to keep the sideman gigs to an absolute minimum. FW&theC has become less of a sideman gig and more of a democratic-band-type thing, and I've decided that if I'm going to devote any mental or emotional energies (i.e. anything other than "Show up, play instrument") to a project, it's going to have to be my own. Plus, I'm just getting tired of the hassles involved in scheduling multiple projects, deciding which one takes precedence over the other when it comes to "gig night," all that kinda crap. I've spent the last four years playing in close to a dozen projects, and being at a gig almost every weekend. Now it's "pause and reflect" time.

Things may get busier in a few months. Maybe they won't. I'm not particularly concerned about it right now. The main idea for putting this together was to give family, loved ones, and my bandmates a handy-dandy schedule of where I'm supposed to be. Now, it doesn't seem very necessary, as the only band that I'm playing with regularly now (aside from the occasional Brothers Grover/Cuddly-Poos thing with Jason) is the Snakebite Orphans. So then, the plan for this Bloggy thingy is to integrate it into something a little more Clem-centric, probably a new website, as I start working on some music that's been in the back of my brain for a couple of years, possibly some solo improv concerts, but most definitely some recordings (both solo and a band project I have in mind). 2005 could be the Year of the Clem, or it may end up being the year I end up drifting off the KC music map and become "the guy who plays bass in the 'Orphans." Right now, I'm not overly concerned with which way it goes. I'll probably get off my duff and do some work, but right now, I'm gonna coast...

And that's where my head's at right now.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

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